About Lively Chicken

Hello and welcome!  Thanks for stopping by Lively Chicken!  Here you will find lots of info about physical and financial well-being.  I share lots of tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle and staying on top of your personal finances.  You’ll also see Arthur, my cat, pop up now and again.  Sorry to those of you who aren’t cat people…it’s hard not to love this little guy!


Though I’m not a personal trainer or financial expert, I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my own health and money habits.  Therefore, the advice in my posts comes from my own real-life experiences.  My hope is that you, my lovely readers, will reap the benefits of these experiences and not have to suffer through lots of failed attempts at dieting and saving money!

Meet Michelle - the voice of Lively Chicken

So who am I?  I’m Michelle.  Your average dessert-loving spender.  Unfortunately, going out for ice cream every day leads to a large waistline and a small savings account…not ideal.  As a 20-something, I’m determined to fix my eating, exercising, spending and saving habits now so I can live a long, healthy life.  And have lots of money to retire!

Let’s get started.  Peruse the latest on Health, Money, Arthur and More! And of course, don’t forget to like and follow along on social media!