Anything but Running!

Annabelle and Arthur

I wish this week would slow down.  Because Thursday this week means only three more days until my first marathon, and I don’t feel ready!  

Now that I’m not running so much as I taper for the race, all I can think about is running.  But let’s try to talk about other things for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


  1. Last Thursday was Matt’s birthday.  We both took the day off work and went into New York City.  The weather was good so we walked around and grabbed lunch at Chelsea Market.  I forgot to take pictures…as usual.
  2. When we got home I wanted to make Matt a birthday cake.  I followed the recipe of the back of my Hershey’s cocoa for the “Perfectly Chocolate Cake” and “Perfectly Chocolate Frosting.”  It was a disaster.  Matt's birthday cakeI can’t blame the recipe.  It actually tasted amazing.  But all three layers (there was a ton of batter!) got stuck in the pans 🙁  Definitely using parchment paper in the future.  Anyway, I tried to stick it back together with frosting then I put a bunch of candles on it…and it still looked pretty awful!  But I think Matt appreciated the effort!birthday cake
  3. I always think baking cakes must be easy because that’s how my sister makes it look.  Here’s a picture of a cake she made for my niece’s birthday….obviously she got all the baking genes.Rosie's birthday cake
  4. So last Thursday was Matt’s birthday and next Thursday is Thanksgiving.  My grandparents are visiting from England so will be here for Thanksgiving.  We’ll all be at my parent’s for dinner, along with Matt’s parents and brother.  It’s going to be a big group of us and I’m not sure we’ll even fit in the dining room!  But the more the merrier!  
  5. Annabelle and Arthur are as cute as ever.Annabelle and Arthur
  6. We got this little hammock/scratching post the day we adopted Arthur.  He never got into the hammock in the two years he was an only kitty.  Then we adopted Annabelle, who likes the hammock, and now Arthur has decided he likes it too! Typical big brother stealing his sister’s things!Arthur hammock

Ok, I’m off to run a marathon!  Hope you’re having a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Anything but Running!”

  1. Yes Charlotte makes the baking look easy. She didn’t get that skill from me!

  2. Good luck! You are so ready. Promise. Pinky swear! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience. Your sister’s cake is ridiculous, but I bet yours did taste good. Hard to go wrong with a chocolate cake (parchment paper is my fav baking accessory). Hang in there during taper madness!

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