Budgeting 101: Back to the Basics

Budgeting 101- www.livelychicken.com

Sometimes we all need a little refresher on managing our money.  Whether you have been following a budget for years or have never created a budget before, my Budgeting 101 series has something for you! Each week I’ll be adding another post to the series, so check back regularly for the next installment. Or subscribe to Lively Chicken and the posts will be delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.  That was easy!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come in this series:

Creating a Budget

Sticking to a Budget

In case of emergency

Uh oh…I blew my budget!

Predicting the future

“Sorry, it’s not in my budget”

Reevaluating your budget

Happy Budgeting 🙂

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