Christmas Shopping, Stealing Food & My Gym Dilemma

It makes me happy to see the Christmas tree lights in the window when I get home, but it makes me even happier to see that little face!  It’s a terrible, blurry picture, but I still love it!

Okay, time for some Thinking Out Loud.


  1. I’m beginning to panic because Christmas is just over two weeks away and I’ve barely started shopping.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I’ve been thinking about it for weeks but haven’t actually bought anything!  Need to get my act together asap.  The good news is that I have the week before Christmas off work so I do have some time.  But I hate leaving things until the last minute!Christmas tree, Arthur and Annabelle
  2. Arthur and Annabelle are still attacking the Christmas tree.  I was searching for their toys the other day to distract them from the tree, and I discovered about 5 ornaments under the couch!  Basically redecorated the entire tree while trying to find a good spot to put them back on.
  3. Last week it was a sandwich, and this week it’s doughnuts! DoughnutsLuckily they couldn’t chew through the plastic.  Matt and I need to learn not to leave food out on the table!  Unsupervised kitties will get to it.
  4. Actually, Annabelle seems to get to food even when we are watching her.  We ordered chicken rolls (yes, our diet is terrible at the moment) on Sunday and ate them while watching football.  Annabelle somehow managed to grab Matt’s entire chicken roll and pull it off his plate and onto the floor!  Needless to say he wasn’t happy.  But I thought it was hilarious!
  5. When she wasn’t stealing food, Annabelle was enjoying the football.  She likes chasing the ball on the TV!Annabelle watching footballNot sure how she felt about the halftime show.  But she paid attention.
  6. The Planet Fitness that I currently go to is moving location.  It’s only a few miles down the road, but it’s really not convenient for me.  I like to go to the gym on my way to work in the morning, so a few extra miles out of the way means a lot of extra traffic!  Anyway, there is a Crunch gym and a Retro Fitness that are more convenient for me so I’m trying to decide which to join.  Anyone use Crunch or Retro?  Recommendations?

    What’s going on in your world this week?

How’s your holiday shopping going?

Anyone else have hungry cats?

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping, Stealing Food & My Gym Dilemma”

  1. Oh, mine have chewed through plastic packaging on more than one occasion. Giz isn’t really big on people food, but boy, he can sniff out a treat he likes right through the closed, unopened bag!

  2. Trouble with cats is they can get up high. Allie would definitely take food if only she could jump!

  3. Haha! I had a cat who once stole an entire pork chop off the table as we were all coming together to sit down. She took it and booked! Now, I have one who likes to try and eat the yogurt out of my bowl while I’m still eating it. Cats are crazy!

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