Taper Time = Crazy Time

Warning tapering runner

Ahhhh!!!! I’m running my first marathon this week!  How is this happening?!  Whose idea was this?!!

Last week I said I wasn’t experiencing any taper-related craziness.  Ha! Little did I know…  

Recap of last week (training week #17)

Last week was marathon training week #17 and the second week of my taper, meaning there was a big reduction in mileage.  I only ran 18 miles total for the week!  Training ChartMost of these miles were done on the treadmill due to the limited daylight.  The treadmill is still as boring as ever.  On Friday, I only ran 3 miles instead of the scheduled 4 miles for no reason other than that I was bored.  I figured one mile isn’t going to make or break my race at this point.

By Sunday I had the irrational fear that I wouldn’t be able to run outside.  Though the treadmill is boring, it’s definitely easier that running on the roads.  But I made it through the last long run of training, which definitely gave me a little confidence boost.

I did have a minor panic attack when I got to the bathrooms and saw this. Restrooms closed Luckily I wasn’t in a desperate situation so made it home without incident.

I’m going Crazy

Apart from the fear of not being about to run outside, I’ve also been battling a fear of injury.

My new shoes arrived on Tuesday so I was really excited to try them out first thing Wednesday morning.  Three easy miles on the treadmill should have been uneventful.  But I started to feel the dreaded ache in my knee.  Maybe it was the new shoes or maybe it was just phantom pain that many runners experience during the taper.  Either way, my beautiful new shoes will not be worn again until after race day!

With Mum and Matt still dealing with knee issues, up until Wednesday I was feeling pretty lucky that I had overcome my knee pain earlier in the year.  But now I’m thinking about my knee all the time.  And basically thinking about it until it hurts.  I know it’s all in my head but I just can’t stop!

rain rain go away

Another side effect of tapering is continuously checking the forecast for race day.  Looks like the temperatures are going to be good – 40s to 50s – but there is a chance of showers 🙁

Oh! Now it says PM showers. Hopefully we’ll be done before the rain! Woohoo!  

Please send positive vibes!

There’s an outside chance I’ll post again before race day – in theory I should have time as I’m not running much at all this week.  But if not, please wish me luck on Sunday!  I need all the positive energy I can get! Thanks 🙂

I’ll be back next week with a recap of the race!

Have you ever experienced taper craziness?  Any tips on how to be calm leading up to race day?

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5 thoughts on “Taper Time = Crazy Time”

  1. Good luck! Remember you only get to run one first marathon (or none, in some cases — like me, that is).

    Phantom pains in the taper are normal. I don’t know why — maybe to take your mind off the fact that you’re going to run an insane amount of miles?

  2. I’m usually pretty calm and enjoy the taper but yes, race week is its own special kind of nuts. Try not to over analyze the niggles. You’re going to be great on race day! Enjoy it!

  3. Breathe in, breathe out. You’ve got this and you will ROCK it.

  4. Enjoy the rest of your taper. Go read a book and take your mind of running. That is one of the things I do the most during taper. Hopefully your knee holds up for the marathon. I will be sending good vibes your way!. Good luck!

  5. I definitely know how you feel! I’m worried about the weather too…wind and rain and cold is not a fun combination, but we’ll just have to see how it goes! I hope you have a great race!!

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