Thanksgiving, Our Christmas Tree and Our Naughty Cats!

Annabelle bauble

Happy Thursday!  Sorry I missed Thinking Out Loud Thursday last week.  With the Philadelphia Marathon and Thanksgiving, it was just a really busy week!  But I’m back with more random nonsense for you!Thinking-Out-Loud2

          1. How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was great!  We had 11 people at a table meant for 8.  It was a squeeze, but it was fun.  So much so that I forgot to take any pictures.  All I have to remember the day is this ridiculous snap of my sister and I. Thanksgiving SnapOh, and this picture of Allie.  She was snoring in her bed for most of the day.Allie Thanksgiving
          2. Every year I think we’ll wait at least until the week after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas…but then Thanksgiving is over and there’s still a whole weekend of fun to be had.  So we ended up getting our tree on Saturday.  Matt loves it.  Matt with treeHe also loved carrying it up the stairs into our apartment!Matt carrying treeOr maybe not.
          3. Arthur and Annabelle definitely love it.  But they’ve been getting into trouble by knocking ornaments off the tree.  Neither of them has tried to climb it yet though!Annabelle and Arthur under Christmas treeAnnabelle Christmas lights
          4. Actually, they’ve been naughty a lot recently!  I think Annabelle is the troublemaker because things like this never happened when Arthur was an only cat.  It’s mainly little things like stealing headphones off the desk, but on Monday someone ate my PB&J! PBJ eaten by catsI was less worried about the sandwich and more worried about the amount of foil that seemed to be missing.  But there were little pieces of foil all over the kitchen so I don’t think the actually ate any of it.  Now I know my lunch needs to be kept out of reach!
          5. If anyone is looking for a new book, I highly recommend Fall of Giants (Amazon affiliate link) by Ken Follett.  It’s the first book of his Century Trilogy.  I’ve read the whole trilogy twice but decided to start it again recently because I wasn’t reading anything.  If you like historical fiction, I promise you’ll love these books!






Okay.  That’s it for today!

Who else has their Christmas tree up already?

Anyone else have naughty cats?!

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1 thought on “Thanksgiving, Our Christmas Tree and Our Naughty Cats!”

  1. Your cats are sooo cute!
    I am planning to put up my tree this weekend. I’m a bit nervous, not about the cats, but about my puppy eating the tree and ornaments. My oldest cat used to knock over my mini Christmas tree that I had in my apartment when he was a kitten, but he’s grown out of that, and isn’t interested in the least by the big tree we now have… But this will be the first Christmas with a dog… I really hope that he just doesn’t care about the tree…

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