Should you use automatic bill payment?

How do you pay your bills?  Though I’m not a gambler, I’d bet that most people aren’t writing out checks and mailing them.

Most people are paying their bills online.  It’s much easier to pay your bills from your computer or your phone than it is to write a check and actually go to the post office.

And if paying bills online wasn’t already convenient enough, now most places offer automatic bill payment.  Once automatic bill payment set up, you don’t even need to do anything!  And your bills are paid!

But is automatic bill payment really as great as it sounds?

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Dinners outside, a fire, and sweaty runs!

4 more days until vacation!  I’m going to apologize now for my absence from the blog next week.  I just don’t see myself keeping up with it while we’re away.  I’m going to try to schedule one post in advance for next week, and hopefully I’ll at least get some pictures up for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  But I’m not making any promises.  Sorry!


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80 Tips for a Successful Training Cycle and Race Day

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  Somehow we’re 18 weeks out from my first marathon.  Meaning marathon training starts now!

Though I feel like I’ve been preparing for marathon training all year, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading every tip I can find about how to be successful with training and on race day.  As so many of us are gearing up for a Fall race, I thought I’d share some of my favorite articles and favorite training tips from around the web.80 tips for a successful training cycle and race day Continue reading “80 Tips for a Successful Training Cycle and Race Day”

How to Save Money on Items You Already Buy!

Who doesn’t love a good deal?   When I get to the store and an item I need is on sale, I literally feel like jumping for joy!

The opposite is true too – if an item isn’t on sale, I tend to feel disappointed and rethink whether I really need to purchase it that day.

As a budgeter, I may put more effort than most into making sure that I get the best deal on every purchase.  But today I’m sharing an easy way for everyone to make sure they’re getting great deals.  The best part is: it requires almost no work! Continue reading “How to Save Money on Items You Already Buy!”

TOL – noun. a collection of random pictures and accompanying descriptions

I really thought the weeks would slow down now that our vacation plans are set.  Usually when I’m this excited about something, time stands still!  But I’ve been keeping busy and now we’re 11 days away from vacation!


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