Happy International Day of Yoga!

Happy International Day of Yoga!  Though there seems to be a day to celebrate everything from doughnuts (1st Friday in June) and cheese (June 4th – don’t know how I missed that one!) to postal workers (Mum – it’s July 1st!), yoga is something that everyone can enjoy and celebrate.

International Day of Yoga Logo
Visit the International Day of Yoga website – http://idayofyoga.org/

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Highlights (and one low point) from this Week!

Even more excited than normal that it’s Thursday because of the long holiday weekend!!  Just need to make it until 2:30pm Friday and then 3+ days of relaxing begins (minus the 3-10:30pm shift I have at my second job on Saturday…).  It’s time to kick off the holiday weekend with some completely unrelated Thinking Out Loud!

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