Highlights (and one low point) from this Week!

Even more excited than normal that it’s Thursday because of the long holiday weekend!!  Just need to make it until 2:30pm Friday and then 3+ days of relaxing begins (minus the 3-10:30pm shift I have at my second job on Saturday…).  It’s time to kick off the holiday weekend with some completely unrelated Thinking Out Loud!

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Why you should cool down after your workout

Ever since my knee started hurting and I was forced to take a break from running, I’ve been researching how to take better care of my body. I want to do everything I can to prevent more annoying injuries.  There are numerous things I’ve always known I should be doing to maintain good running health, but I’m guilty of skipping some of them.  And cooling down properly after my runs is one of them. Continue reading “Why you should cool down after your workout”

How to Curb Summer Spending

With summer right around the corner, expenses can start to add up.  No one wants to sit at home to save money when it’s gorgeous weather outside!  You want to get out and do something.  Longer hours of daylight tempt you to stay out later or go out for ice cream after dinner.  You plan vacations, pay for kids’ summer camps, buy tons of mulch for your yard. Summer can easily become the most expensive season of the year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are lots of ways to still enjoy beautiful summer days without hurting your wallet.

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What not to do with your money as a new college graduate

I was reading Half Banked yesterday (I highly recommend it if you’re not already familiar) and Desirae’s latest post “5 things I wish someone told me (about money) as a new grad.”  This got me thinking about money mistakes I made as a new college graduate.  I’m certain I’m not the only person who made these mistakes, so here’s what not to do once you receive your diploma. Continue reading “What not to do with your money as a new college graduate”