Tennis, Coloring Books and Mini Tacos

I tried to take more picture this week so I would have more to share for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  To be completely honest, if I’m not working or running, I seem to spend most of my time on the couch!  Usually telling myself that I’m not being lazy – I’m “recovering” from all the running!

As a result, taking pictures is a challenge.  My view is generally the same.  I did manage to snap a few pictures this week,  but I can’t say their that interesting!  Oh well.  That’s the freedom of Thinking Out Loud. Continue reading “Tennis, Coloring Books and Mini Tacos”

Celebrating Milestones & Marathon Training Week #9

Today is a very special day over here at Lively Chicken!  For multiple reasons, but mainly because…

This is post #100!

I honestly can’t believe I’ve hit “Publish” on 100 posts since the birth of Lively Chicken back in January.

Other reasons I’m celebrating? Continue reading “Celebrating Milestones & Marathon Training Week #9”

Football Season, School Lunch & Missed Phone Calls

Hello, hello, hello!  I’ve just realized that drafting this post so early in the week (it’s currently Tuesday) probably contributes to my time flying by so quickly.  Because I’m writing like it’s Thursday already and almost the end of the week.  But it’s actually only the beginning of the week.  Sigh.

Actually, I have mixed feelings about this.  I want it to be the end of the work week.  But I don’t want the week to be over because that means the marathon is that much closer and I’m not ready!


Let’s just think about some random things today to get away from that scary thought! Continue reading “Football Season, School Lunch & Missed Phone Calls”