A Full Body Dumbbell Workout & Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #5

I can’t believe we’re already 5 weeks into our training plan!  It’s going so fast.  But so far so good!  Today I’m sharing a recap of my training last week and a full body dumbbell workout that I love!   Continue reading “A Full Body Dumbbell Workout & Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #5”

More Important than Money?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to change my availability at my second job.  I’m no longer going to work on Sundays.  I mentioned this briefly on Tuesday, but I want to discuss it from a money stand point.

Heading into the third quarter of 2016, I actually said I was going to pick up more hours at my second job.  Now I’m moving in the opposite direction and working less hours.  And getting a smaller paycheck.  Here’s why. Continue reading “More Important than Money?”

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #3

Another week of training is in the books!  This week was a lower mileage “stepback” week.  Our training plan includes these lower mileage weeks every three weeks to allow for recovery and to gain strength for the next few weeks of the program.  I think these stepback weeks are going to be my favorite! Continue reading “Philadelphia Marathon Training Week #3”

Our Vacation Budget – What Worked & What Didn’t

Before we went to Aruba, we saved money and made a budget for our vacation.  I’m pleased to say that we stayed within the budget!  But there were definitely some ups and downs with spending while we were away.  Here’s a recap of what worked and what did not work for us. Continue reading “Our Vacation Budget – What Worked & What Didn’t”